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This is because of the volumequality change


Backlinks are more important than ever, but now it is now less about quantity, more about quality and relevance.In other words, the new golden rule of link building is: A good backlink is one that you are proud of. You can justify why it is there based on the fact that it is was earned and not purchased.The Ghosts of Backlinks PastA large number of small business owners have seen their rankings tank over the last few years. This is because of the volume-quality change. Now, the vast majority of business owners who hired SEO consulting firms in the past feel like they’ve been burned.SEO service providers have become the used car salesmen of the Internet. Thanks to obnoxious SEO firms that constantly misrepresent their services and still actively use black hat SEO techniques, most business owners ignore them altogether. No one wants to partner with a bad SEO company that will end up ruining his position on Google.If you were one of the many business owners th…