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Step5: Click the Record Macro button found in the previous picture.

Step 6: If you look at the dialog box shown above, you’ll see it has places for you to type the name of the macro. If you want, you can write the name of the shortcut key you would want to use to run the recorded macro. That way, any time you press on that specific macro key, it will run by default.

Step 7: The choice is yours on whether to pick a location to store the macro and/or write a description about the macro.

Step 8: Once you are done filling the fields in the dialog box, click OK and perform a few operations on the Excel sheet. This could include cell formatting or sorting values.

Step 9: If you want to look at your recorded macro, just right-click the sheet name and then go to View Code.

Step 10: Navigate to the left-hand side panel and click it to expand the module.

Step 11: You will see an already created module labeled “Module 1.” Click on that module.

Step 12: You will be able to see the code recorded together with the assigned Macro name.

Running the Macro by Pressing the Play Button

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